Learn English Online

  • Conversational English Practice
  • Cambridge or Trinity exams preparation
  • Professional practice for public speaking
  • Creative interaction and non-traditional methods
  • Adults or Children of all ages

Online lessons for American English are available via a live web meeting platform. This technology allows for private or group lessons from the comfort of your home or office via your computer and the Internet.

The meeting platform allows us to see and hear each other so that we can practice pronunciation and corrections by showing you the way to form the sounds using different facial muscles and positions. The platform also features a whiteboard, chat windows, and separate meeting rooms when necessary for group activities.


  • Located in Italy (GMT+2), lessons are scheduled anywhere from 10am until 9pm, Monday through Friday. Weekends may also be possible according to availability.
  • Lessons are scheduled for 1-2 hours each
  • 2 lessons or more per week are recommended to achieve desired results


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